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African Suburbs Adventures and safaris is a reputable company based in East Africa with cordial relationship with other Travel agents in and out of Kenya and Africa at large, we organize that event or holiday you dream for to fit your budget and wish.

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For your real Kenya Safari Packages, Masai Mara camping and Lodge Safari, Tanzania Tours, Bird watching Specialties, Cultural Lovers, City Breaks, Incentives, excursions, Conferences, Ticketing, Sports Tourism, Volunteering in Kenya and Tanzania, Rich Historical tours, Adventure of Bungees’, Rafting, Mountain climbing and Hiking, we provide that to your satisfaction.

We know that we may not be perfect but we promise all efforts to meet your needs, so we have scheduled holidays or those that we name as planned tours and the tailor made tours which allow us to design it step by step with your guideline and budget


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Familiar yet exotic, Kenya has long been the public face of Africa. The cradle of African safaris, the setting for countless epic wildlife documentaries and home to the world’s unique Masai Mara, there is much more to explore and discover here. Beyond the classic image of lion stalking wildebeest on grassy plains, Kenya has many far-less known attractions and offers visitors a chance to discover a landscape as diverse as its wildlife. Is in Kenya where world’s greatest wildlife show, our planet’ seventh natural wonder occurs each year when 2 million wildebeest, zebras, antelopes and many hungry and avid predators move on world’s greatest migratory path ever, a spectacle of life and death we strongly recommend to witness at least once in a lifetime.

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Spectacular wildlife encounters, idyllic white-sand beaches, breathtaking landscapes and one of Africa’s richest culture make Tanzania a destination of unparalleled appeal. Tanzania hosts Africa’s best national park, the Serengeti, huge plains bursting with life and playing host to the epic migration of millions-strong herds of wildebeest and zebra, keenly watched and followed by big cats, wild dogs and crocodiles. But there is much more that that, there is a unique combination of experiences, african charm and charming places alongside the country’s charismatic and captivating people. In the northeast, Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, rises its year round snow cape above vast plains teeming with game.


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