The tours we include on Suburbs Adventures are made available at the same or better rate than offered elsewhere. This guarantee only relates to the same or comparable tours being offered by Suburbs Adventures (not by other operators) under equal bookings conditions, such as the same destinations, length of stay, group size, season of the year, activities, accommodation, meal plans and transportation. We offer this guarantee directly to the potential clients who visit Suburbs Adventures. Clients can only make a valid claim under this guarantee before they have paid for the tour, or within 24 hours after their payment.

In the event of a valid claim by a client, we agree to immediately adjust the rate(s) made available on Suburbs Adventures and offer the tour to the client at the lower rate or if a client already paid for the tour, pay back the full difference.

This guarantee is not too difficult to provide, since, we are willing to sell the tours at a discount rate, we will likely be happy to sell them at this rate to clients from our site as well. .